Our Team


Current graduate Students


Elke Grether (ekgrethe@ncsu.edu) is an MS student working on the USDA NIFA Agritourism & Education project.  She is working on measuring how agritourism may build agricultural literacy among kids and motivate families to support local food systems.



Danielle Lawson (dafrank2@ncsu.edu) is a Phd student working on our NC Sea Grant project.  She’s looking at how K-12 climate change education might “trickle up” to parents, particularly among underserved and Spanish-speaking communities.



Rachel Szczytko (rachel.szczytko@gmail.com) is an MS student working on our Muddy Sneakers project.  She’s interested in how outdoor education might build connection to nature and interest and motivation in science, particularly among children with learning differences and disabilities.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining the lab, please send a cover letter, CV, and writing sample to Kathryn (kathryn_stevenson@ncsu.edu).  If I have an immediate opportunity and you are a good fit, I will contact you directly.  I also will post any available positions on this site, the NAAEE jobs board, and other relevant boards.  Feel free to also email any of our current students to learn more about what it’s like working with us.

Other Collaborators

Beyond the talented group of colleagues in the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management department, we also collaborate with students and faculty across campus.


Megan Ennis, PhD student in Science Education
Rene Valdez, PhD Student in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Kaly Clark, MS Student in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Hannah Shapiro, Junior in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Megan Owens, Senior in Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology

Faculty and Staff

Katie Martin, Assistant Professor, Forestry & Environmental Resources
Yuan Yao, Assistant Professor, Forest Biomaterials
Nils Peterson, Associate Professor Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Renee Stnrad, Environmental Educator in Forestry Extension
Sarah Carrier, Associate Professor in Elementary Education
Susan Moore, Director of Extension & Outreach, Forestry Extension
Howard Bondell, Associate Professor in Statistics
Travis Park & Wendy Warner, Associate Professors of Agricultural Education & Extension
Laurell Malone, Professor and Department Chair in Educational Leadership, NC Central