PhD position in EE, Agritourism, and Policy for Fall 2017

We are currently recruiting two PhD students to join a dynamic team working on a USDA AFRI NIFA-funded project to strengthen local food systems through agritourism.  Specifically, we will investigate how agritourism – visiting farms for recreation and/or education – may build agricultural literacy among children, and how that knowledge may “trickle up” to parents to encourage purchasing local foods.  We will measure the impact of spontaneous farm visits by families (unstructured agritourism) as well as school field trips, both as stand-alone experiences (semi-structured agritourism) and supported by curricular activities (structured agritourism).   This project brings together agritourism, K-12 education, and policy through research, education, and extension approaches.

Although the two PhD students will work closely together with the three project PIs, we anticipate two positions associated with two project areas.  For full position description, contact information, and to apply, please click here.